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Arshi Team Bridge


Founder & CEO

If you cannot segregate dry and wet waste, you are not going to be in my good books. Founder at The Bridge but my team calls me a CHO i.e. Chief Health Officer.

Saketh Team Bridge


Head of Growth & Marketing

The fastest nerd alive - speed-talking, speed-reading, speed-writing and the list runs on. Sports except for golf, books other than self-help and movies of all kinds get me to pause. Now that you know how to grab my attention, be quick. YNWA



Head of Brand Strategy

Everything sports - playing, watching, reading, writing, analysing, dreaming, breathing. Occasional bylines and media appearances for The Bridge.

Sayan Team Bridge


Social Media Manager

Dogs>Football>TV Shows, in that order. Passionate about sports, even more passionate about Pizza. You are welcome to test that theory, win-win for me either way!

Sudipta Team Bridge


Sub Editor

Sudipta Biswas is a sports journalist with The Bridge. A graduate of IIMC- NorthEast, his primary focus is on the Olympic Movement in India. He writes more frequently on badminton, Indian football, athletics and amateur combat sports. When he is away from his reporting and editing assignments, he immerses himself in books - reading and writing.

Amishi Team Bridge


Brand Solutions Manager

A Rugby Player from Kolkata , committed to helping in the betterment and development of Indian Female athletes! Holding a formal education in psychology , I am passionate and driven about all things sports and well Bollywood!

Anirudh Team Bridge


Product Manager

Everything Sayan. But cooler and younger.

Pritish Team Bridge


Sub Editor

Professional Napper. I travel and I know things. Can be found eating biryani or drinking chai. In a crying relationship with every team I support.

Vithi Team Bridge


Video Producer

You will find me literally and metaphorically struggling with keeping up, with the social media and generational aesthetics.

Mansoor Team Bridge


Video Editor

I am a speed junkie who finds solace in going on long rides on bike. Erstwhile, a volleyball player with the mettle of smashing off points from the opponent.

Adersh Team Bridge


Graphic Designer

A guy who had to think one hour to come up with this one line.

Aswathy Team Bridge


Expert - Football

Once an engineer crunching numbers, now spinning tales of the beautiful game. I traded wrenches for keyboard and lab coat for a jersey. Here to prove that equations and emotions can coexist.

Anshika Team Bridge


Project Lead

Inclined towards anything but mainstream - small or big, doesn't matter. I like to give my 100% in the areas unnoticed by most. The only time I am not in sync with the beautiful sport of Table Tennis, is when you'll find me drowned in music.

Rishwin Team Bridge


Graphic Designer

From civil drafting precision to the dynamic world of sports graphics, I'm a passionate designer, weaving athleticism into pixels and turning my lifelong love for sports into a thriving profession.

Tawsif Team Bridge


Project Lead

Digital Dreamer. Part time Project Lead. Full time Romantic.

Yash Team Bridge


Video Editor

Eat Sleep Edit Repeat 🔁

Yojana Team Bridge


Brand Solutions Associate

A lowkey ambivert who romanticize on SRK movies. If you don’t find me in office or on grounds, I’m definitely somewhere in mountains. Wanted to excel in sports, and doing it somehow.

Arjun Team Bridge


Video Editor & Graphic Designer

I am Arjun N S, I am from Kochi, Kerala. Graduated in B com and I have worked as a Video editor in kochi and before that I worked as an accountant. But it didn't worked for me. Then I followed my Interest and passion in video editing and am here right now. Hobbies include listening to music and traveling!

Deepanshu Team Bridge


Sports Writer

Olympic sports enthusiast with a knack for data-crunching, numerical analysis.