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Cricketing Fever is Gripping the USA!

2024 marks an important year in the history of American cricket as the country co-hosts the 2024 ICC Men's T20 World Cup along with the West Indies.

Cricketing Fever is Gripping the USA!

Image Courtesy: 2022 USA Cricket Team


Press Release

Updated: 4 Jun 2024 12:59 PM GMT

The dream is getting closer for American cricketing fans! With the T20 Cricket World Cup 2024 co-hosted by the USA and West Indies, the spotlight is on the exponential growth of American Cricket.

This year’s World Cup will see American home-grown stars from MiLC taking on international players, with a new generation of fans cheering them!

America Steps Up Its Cricket Game: From Minor League Cricket to T20 World Cup

The USA is gearing up for a historic moment - co-hosting the T20 World cup 2024 alongside the West Indies. This signifies the explosive growth of the game within the country and how the country is preparing for international matches on their home ground.

The picture was quite different a few years back. Cricket was a niche sport with limited following, and was struggling to gain mainstream attention. But what’s fueling this growth now? It’s none other than MiLC, the Minor League Cricket!

The Rise of Minor League Cricket

Prior to MiLC talented young cricketers lacked high-quality competition and exposure. Launched in 2021, MiLC has become a game-changer for American cricket. It provided a structured platform for domestic cricket talents to showcase their skills and compete against top players, bridging the gap between local cricket and international stage.

From Minor Leagues to the World Cup

The 2024 T20 World Cup promises to be a historic moment for American cricket. The team houses many familiar players from MiLC, elevating home-grown players into international stars. Watching them compete with global legends will not only showcase America’s cricketing prowess but also motivate aspiring young players.

A New Chapter for American Cricket

With initiatives like MiLC focussing on talent development and international exposure, the future of cricket in America looks promising. So, get ready to witness a new chapter in American Cricket. The T20 World Cup is more than just a tournament - It's a launchpad!

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